How to get smooth and clean shaving

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26People like to have smooth and clean faces. But often beards get in the way of a smooth and clean face. In this day and age, every service has gotten incredibly expensive. One of the service categories that has gotten incredibly expensive is the personal grooming sector. Barbers now charge really high rates for shave and haircuts. That’s why it is important that every man must know how to get a good and smooth shave by themselves. Shaving is not an art, anyone can learn to do it. But not everyone can learn how to get a smooth and clean shave. One of the most important things that anyone must know before attempting to shave is the type of razor they should get for shaving. If you want a nice and clean shave without injuring yourself and getting cuts then you need a straight razor.

How to shave properly?

Once you are in possession of a straight razor then you can start your journey of shaving. One of the first rules of shaving is that you must never dry shave. If you attempt to shave without using some product or making the surface area wet, there is an incredibly high probability that you will cut yourself. So if you don’t want to have cuts and nicks on your face that will cause you a sensation of stinging, then the better option is to use a shaving cream and straight razor to shave. But before you attempt to shave with this razor, you must know what type of razor is this.

What type of razor should you use?

A straight razor is a razor with a blade that can fold back into its handle. This makes the razor very easy to carry and incredibly easy to handle. Another name by which you would have heard these razors being called is open razor or cut throat razor. These razors give you an incredibly nice shave while making you feel like you are shaving in prehistoric times. Once you master the art of shaving with this razor, you will be amazed at how smooth and flawless our face looks. So get this razor as soon as you can to witness the magic of shaving.