Few tips to follow for a safe ride

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A huge number of individual feel afraid while traveling in a public transport and because of that fear they waste a huge amount of their travel budget by traveling in personal vehicles and not enjoying the holiday as they should. This article is specifically written for such individual so they can travel in Konsortium Bus and enjoy their travel as they are planning to while at the same time saving a huge amount of money for their traveling expenditure and use that saving to visit more places and to enjoy more.

  • Look for exits

Upon entering a vehicle, take a look around to see the number exists there are to see which one you can reach easily in case of an emergency. If you can’t sit, close to a driver, look for the seat that’s close to other exits.

  • No valuables

Though you might have a cellular phone and probably an iPod with you, it’s a very good idea to have them in a separate place. This will assist to keep temptation away from such who might wish to take away what’s yours. Perhaps you can also put your phone on the vibrate mode until you reach your destination and despite holding iPod in hand, place it into the pocket, with as much of a cord as you can, in order to keep it from obstructing the movement.

  • Close to driver

If a seat close to a driver is available, takes it and while passengers are discouraged from talking to the driver while driving if a problem occurs, that person is in charge of a vehicle and reaching her/him as quickly as possible might be beneficial. Additionally, s/he is sitting close to an exit & if you want to get out from the bus immediately due to any reason, you’ll be able to do so right away as you will be very few travelers who have the direct access to the exit of a Konsortium Bus.

  • Stay awake

The consistent stopping and moving of Konsortium Bus can do either two things. It can keep you awake or put you to sleep and the latter can win when you have a long journey ahead of you and you’re returning home.