Few tips about safeguarding the luggage

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Tourists being not aware of the place or careless to their luggage are an easy victim of clever thieves. Curious natives who are trying to befriend and providing assistance might end up stealing the valuables of the travelers. Few natives provide themselves as tourist guides at economical rates by making wrong/false claims of being an unemployed or needy student. They usually speak very good English. First, they win the confidence and afterward get away with the valuables of yours. If you need services of a professional tourist guide, choose from an official tourist center such or you can try Transtar Travel and try to get credentials verified by an appropriate authority. Here are few tips about the safety of your valuables and luggage while traveling.

  • Never show Huge Amount of Cash

You should carry smaller amount and then change in you’re the front pocket for recurrent use. Keep the wallet and purse close to the body. One ordinary trick is to tie a rubber band across a purse, which would hinder it from being the pick-pocketed.

  • Always keep number of credit cards

Ensure you remember a CC number and also a phone number in order to report of card loss, if happen, immediately.

  • Travel safety tips for women

Women must take very special care of jewelry. Don’t show expensive jewelry. It’s relatively better to wear no jewelry or only the artificial jewelry while traveling to the destination. Try to use ornaments which are compact in size and the one that can’t be easily pulled away.

  • Tips for senior citizens

Senior people must carry the light bags. It’s strongly suggested to buy economical clothes in a destination country and then dispose of them. Heavy bags with items that seem attractive such as mobile phone and camera in hands of weak and senior people can easily tempt burglars and criminals.

So, if you are looking to travel by bus this time, try Transtar Travel because they offer reliable services and care for your valuable like it is their own.