Few Attractions and Dangers of Having Large Lobe Holes

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Today, many teenagers are interested in getting their ears pierced. Sometimes, the hole may get stretched to a bigger size. No doubt it looks quite attractive, but there are few dangers too.

Let us try to understand what is ear stretching. It is a hole pierced in your ear, so that you can wear different kinds of jewelry or ear plugs etc. This jewelry can be made of different materials. You can start with normal piercing and then keep on stretching it by either going to parlor or do it yourself. You can put on any kind of jewelry that is available in the market. For More Information About the Plugs Gauges, Please Log in To soscene.com

How to do ear stretching

You can do the stretching in many different ways. However, you must do it gradually and very carefully. You must start with smaller hole to fit these plugs gauges, and then increase the hole-size by 1mm. After giving it a gap of about 4 to 6 weeks, you can increase it further. It will not really hurt you, if it is done in proper manner.

Do you like it bigger?

In fact, the hole-size depends upon the body of the person and the type of their skin. Some people go as big as 50mm, however generally people go for 6mm or 8mm. These days however people prefer the size 10mm or 12mm.

There is no definite reason for stretching the ear beyond 12mm. Like some people have mindset to have tattoos made in their body, in the same manner they also go for stretching. Finally, it became a fashion and hence more and more among the youngsters of both sexes are going for it.

What are the dangers?

If you stretch your ear hole-size up to 10 mm or 12 mm and then decide to close it then after few months it may get closed. However, if you stretch it too far then it may not close. Also, if you cannot keep the hole clean then there may be infection. Again if you try to pierce too fast then it may hurt you or may split too.